Welcome to Kobayashi Computing!

This is the site for my new focus – providing CIO services to solo entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and single-member LLCs. This includes tasks like registering domain names, creating and configuring email services, recommending cloud service providers, developing websites, and anything else related to IT that is not the primary focus of the business owner.

If you’re starting a new venture from scratch and would like some help with modern technology, just let me know.

Some folks will be more familiar with my IT consulting business Small Forest Computing Services (unfortunately, that site is down for updates for the foreseeable future (a “cobblers’ kids’ shoes” dilemma)), which is now completely wound down (and for which I am no longer accepting new clients).

By the way, there is a connection between Kobayashi Computing and Small Forest Computing. Extra bragging rights for those who can figure out what it is. If you get stumped, just ask and I’ll explain.