Week 10 Project, Part 2a: Back on Track

Last week, I wrote about two problems I had moving my project from PhpStorm to IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate (both from JetBrains.com). To recap (or you can read the entire post here), I could not get the deployment configuration to work (I set it up to sync the local sources with the web server on any explicit “Save All”), and I could not get the built-in web server (in the IDE) to open the site for testing – it was always opening the actual site on the web server (which works, but adds some network traffic and some latency).

The solution to the first problem, described in last week’s post, was for me to use the correct path for the local directory where the sources are located. Duh. As I stated last week, this was not in any way the fault of JetBrains or the IDE; it was all my doing.

The second problem I finally solved after I wrote last week’s post. Again, the fault lies solely with me. When I created the deployment configuration (and finally got it right), I had inadvertently set it up as the default deployment configuration. As the IntelliJ IDEA docs clearly state, if a deployment configuration is marked as the default, it will be used instead of the built-in web server (or any other deployment configuration, presumably). As soon as I unset the default, it went back to using the internal web server when I clicked the “Run” button to test the site.

Yes, I know this is a short blog post. I spent way too much time on these two issues – I should have just read the docs (or searched Stack Overflow) right away. Oh well, next time…