Hello world (wide web development)!

Welcome to the new web home for Kobayashi Computing!

Those familiar with WordPress will recognize this as an edited version of the sample post created when WordPress is installed. It seemed more fitting to update the post a bit rather than delete it…

I will be publishing articles here on a regular basis about all of the facets of modern web development. I’ve been dabbling in web development since around 1999. My first production site was an internal development project to track Y2K problems and progress. Back then I used a text editor and CGI programs written in C to track issues related to the fast approaching millennium change.

Over the years since then, much has changed (understatement of the year). I’ve kept up with some of the new technology, and even developed a few websites using WordPress and a couple using Joomla. I’m working hard to learn all of the relevant current technologies so that I can quickly develop sites that are functional, extensible, and secure.